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 Prize-winning and best-selling author Mary Elizabeth Raines (Leach)

Award-winning author MARY ELIZABETH RAINES (also known as Mary Elizabeth Leach) has been writing professionally since the early 1970s, when she sold her first children's stories to magazines. She has been writing novels, short stories, plays, and non-fiction ever since.

One of her short stories, "Easter Breakfast at Denny's," which can be found in The Man in the GPS and Other Stories, was a top prize-winning story under the category of Literary/Mainstream Story in the 85th annual Writer's Digest Competition. Several of Mary Elizabeth Raines’ other stories, plays, and scripts have won awards in the past, including first place from the Wisconsin Communications Council, the Harris M. Liechti Grand Prize Award, and prizes  from Writer’s Digest and New Century awards.

In addition to the books available on this site under the imprint of Laughing Cherub Publications, she has written a number of articles, some of which are available on Amazon's Kindle, contributed chapters to three books on hypnosis, and has taught writing classes for adult education at Yavapai College near her home in Sedona, Arizona.

Hers is the diverse background of most writers, which has included being a piano performance major at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, MA; a newspaper reporter and features writer; a play director; an aerobics exercise teacher; a past-life regressionist and instructor; an actor; a piano teacher; a fractal artist; a court reporter; a beekeeper; a background actor on TV shows such as Everybody Loves Raymond and West Wing; a hypnosis instructor; and a columnist for The Journal of Hypnotism.

Mary Elizabeth is happy to swim in the same gene pool as her distant cousin, Louisa May Alcott.

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